Genuine Texas Longhorn shoulder mounts

Looking for beautiful, authentic, and genuine Texas Longhorn shoulder mounts? Here they are!

Our Texas Longhorns are special animals and are treated with the utmost respect. They are well cared for - we walk among them daily and even have several that eat from our hands or let us scratch them behind their ears.

The mounts you see here today are of animals that have passed on due to old age, illness, or environmental conditions. When an animal passes, we have a skilled taxidermist come out and retrieve the cape (hide) and head to preserve this magnificent creature for years to come.

Authentic, Genuine Texas Longhorns

All of these animals were registered with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA), the oldest and largest Texas Longhorn registry. Registration papers are available on all of these and would make a great piece to frame on the wall next to your longhorn mount.

The pictures of the mounts, taken with an iPhone, just don't do the mounts justice. All mounts were done by a professional taxidermist who mounts hundreds of animals a year, and is quite skilled in mounting Texas Longhorn cattle.

Please don't confuse these genuine Texas Longhorn animals with fake mounts that are made from horns from one animal and hide from another. Insist on only the real thing! All of our mounts include the registration certificate and photos of the animal live in the pasture so you know what you are getting.

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Where we are

All mounts are located in Bryan, Texas (90 miles from Houston/Austin/Waco and 180 miles from Dallas/Ft Worth/San Antonio). These mounts are really big and do not come apart, so we are not able to ship them.


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