Mount - Brownie (brown steer)

A beautiful brown and black steer with an incredible horn span - over 100 inches! His horns go way out and not up very high, he will not require as much height as some of our other mounts. However, he's going to need a lot of width at over 8 feet wide.

Brownie is a registered Texas Longhorn steer. Included with your mount purchase is his original registration certificate. The gold embossing on tan paper makes for a great display piece under your mount.

Width: 100.5 inches (tip-to-tip)
Height: 34 inches (top to bottom)
Depth: 30 inches (maximum distance from wall)

Price: $7250

Contact us for questions, purchasing information, or to arrange a pickup.

Brownie is available for pickup in Bryan/College Station Texas, about 90 miles from Houston & Austin and 180 miles from San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our Texas Longhorns are special animals and are treated with the utmost respect. They are well cared for - we walk among them daily and even have several that eat from our hands or let us scratch them behind their ears.

The mounts you see here today are of animals that have passed on due to old age, illness, or environmental conditions. When an animal passes, we have a skilled taxidermist come out and retrieve the cape (hide) and head to preserve this magnificent creature for years to come.