We Buy Old Texas Longhorns

From time-to-time, we purchase old Texas Longhorns... these may be "granny cows" who are no longer able to raise a calf or trophy steers who need to be sold in order to make room for other cattle.

Selling us your cull Texas Longhorn cattle is a better alternative for your cattle because they go from your ranch to ours where they finish out their life. These cattle are never sold through a sale barn where they are herded down narrow alleys nor are they stressed from being hauled long distances to a packing plant.

To help us ensure we offer our buyers only genuine Texas Longhorn shoulder mounts, all cattle must be registered or registerable with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America or International Texas Longhorn Association.

If you would like to send an animal for consideration, please Contact Us from our contact form with the following information:

  • Animal type (bull, cow, steer)
  • Price
  • Approximate age
  • Photos or links to photos
  • City and State where the cattle are located
  • Your contact information